Union/Prevailing Wage Payroll

The Champ Systems Union/Prevailing Wage Payroll enhancement can be used for printing the Monthly Union Contribution Report, automatically creating lines in payroll data entry for employee benefits and deductions within the union, and calculating employer union burden amounts and posting them to the General Ledger. This enhancement can be used in non-union environments to track prevailing wages and employee benefit packages.


  • Automates Payroll calculation and reporting requirements for union-affiliated companies
  • Tracks prevailing wages and employee benefits for non-union payroll processing
  • Seamless integration with the Sage 100 Payroll module


Union Code Maintenance is used to set up the unions, the classifications (“classes”) for each union, and the union benefits for each union/class combination. After the unions and classes are set up, a default union and class may be established for each employee in Employee Masterfile Maintenance. In Payroll Data Entry, the user enters the union and class on each line as necessary.

A benefit can be set up to create an earning line, a deduction line, an earning/deduction pair, or, if no earning or deduction code is referenced, an employer burden posting. A benefit may be calculated in any one of six ways:

  1. Percent of gross wages
  2. Percent of factored wages
  3. Percent of regular wages
  4. Dollar amount per hour worked
  5. Dollar amount per hour paid
  6. Dollar amount per regular hour worked plus a different dollar amount per premium hour worked

Any benefit that represents an additional earning or deduction line in payroll entry is flagged with the appropriate earning and/or deduction code when the benefit is set up. The Payroll Tax Update will then automatically create any additional earning and deduction lines as needed, saving the user from having to input these benefit lines for each individual employee.

Each union can have a default Burden Expense General Ledger Account and Union Payable Liability Account; in addition the burden can be posted by individual department code within the union. The Payroll Check Update will post the employer union burden to the General Ledger using these accounts. It will also post the employee earning and deduction data to the Monthly Union Contribution Report.

Union/Prevailing Wage Payroll
Price: $1,325
Annual Maintenance: $295