The struggles of collecting sales tax

If you sell goods, you more than likely have spent hours (sometimes days) every quarter updating sales tax rates, filing sales tax returns and keeping up with the Nexus rules per state. And what is Nexus anyway?

Avalara has your back. Avalara is a sales tax software program that integrates with Sage 100 that keeps track of all sales tax rates for you. It properly identifies the sales tax jurisdiction for each invoice based on the ship-to address insuring that the correct amount of sales tax is charged and collected. As a result, tax reporting is a snap.

We’ll be demoing Avalara on Tuesday, January 23rd from 9-10:30. We will be having only one session which will start with snacks at 8:45.

Please RSVP to Denise at 916-424-4066 ( as space is limited.