Accounts Payable Common Vendors

The Common Vendors enhancement for MAS90 allows users to maintain the Vendor Masterfile static data for the same vendor in multiple companies from one master company.


  • Post changes to vendor static data to multiple companies at one time
  • Create multiple Common Vendor groups of companies
    • Operation

      This enhancement is intended for MAS90 users who are processing A/P for multiple companies, but are using the same basic set of vendors for all of the companies. A setup program allows users to specify the master company and the participating companies for each common vendor group. The participating companies are referred to as the member companies. When you go into Common Vendor Maintenance for one of the member companies, you are automatically switched to the master company to enter the changes. Upon exiting Common Vendor Maintenance, you will be prompted to update the changes into all of the member companies. You may choose to do so then, or wait until later and perform the update by accessing it directly from the launcher. Changes posted to the member companies include all vendor static data, memos and contacts; as well as adding and deleting vendors.

      This enhancement is fully parameterized so you may create one or more common vendor groups. A company may not be in more than one group, but companies in the system do not have to be in any group.

      A/P Common Vendors User Guide